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Old deck beginning to show its age? Thinking about replacement? Before you search all of Indianapolis for quotes from a dozen different contractors looking to squeeze every nickel out of a high-dollar job like deck replacement, consider bringing your old deck back to life with the variety of high-quality deck renovation options offered by Heffernan’s Home Services. At Heffernan’s, we pride ourselves on not only the attention to detail that our highly skilled, fully insured crews provide, but more importantly to YOU, the beauty and quality of the finished product.

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As any Indianapolis native or long-time resident knows, the extremity of weather patterns in this lovely state of ours can wreak havoc on our homes (and automobiles!) in a broad variety of costly ways. Anything exterior-facing, attached to your home, or stored outdoors is especially vulnerable. Over time, your once-pristine deck will naturally begin to lose that original luster through typical wear and age, but especially due to heavy precipitation and temperature fluctuation. Whenever it’s an option, deck renovation is a cost-effective way of undoing some of the damage caused by time, and Indy weather. Look no further than Heffernan’s Home Services to get your luster back! We offer everything you need to get your deck back in tip-top shape, and ready for the next outdoor entertaining season. From simple cleaning to more extensive repairs, we’ve got you covered!

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