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A crazy Indianapolis Winter could bring about nearly any conceivable weather condition, but at some point, it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll get a bit of snow. It may be short-lived some years, or it may wait until mid-March, but snow is definitely the “norm” for an Indianapolis Winter, as is the constant struggle of snow removal. Some of us love it, while others consider it a nuisance, but however you feel, it’s hard to deny how beautiful it looks outside after a fresh snowfall.

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Fresh, white snow may often look like something from a postcard, and may incite Winter nostalgia by the sleighful, but when it’s all over our sidewalks and driveways, it presents an unmistakable hazard. For most folks, fresh snow means one thing- WORK. It’s time to break out the boots, coveralls, gloves, and shovel. For some, that can mean a LOT of work, but, it needs to be done. As the temperature fluctuates throughout the snowy season, standing snow melts and re-freezes over and over, creating a treacherous sheet of ice. When our feet lose every bit of ground traction on the ice, children and adults of any age are vulnerable to a broad array of serious injuries, and in some cases, worse.

Instead of breaking a sweat in near-Arctic conditions, let Heffernan’s Home Services handle the burden. Our professional, courteous, talented, and INSURED Snow Removal Team uses high-quality snow blowing equipment to ensure your driveways and paths are completely free from snow, preventing any dangerous conditions it might have otherwise caused. Knowing your kids, spouses, and visiting family are safe and sure-footed walking up to your front door just might give you enough peace of mind to enjoy the beauty of all that fresh snow.

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